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EXPOSED: WATCH LEAK VIDEO: Virulent $30,000 Oath Nigerian International Prostitution Deal


Over the years, an international Nigerian syndicate believed to be involved in a high level human trafficking that evolve around sending girls from Nigerian to Dubai purposely for prostitution….has gotten one of their secret videos leaked into our UK (Luton) studios.

The Leaked video, however shows that the girls were not forced into the act…they get themselves involved voluntarily, perhaps after being introduced and assured of to the lavish and promising future of the business…

The laws today are fairly straight forward. In some jurisdictions, the compensation given to a prostitute in exchange for a sexual act does not have to be money, but generally, it must offer some kind of monetary value to the person receiving it. Gifts, drugs, food, or even a job are examples of compensation that has value but is not the actual exchange of money.

In most countries, offering sexual services or agreeing to provide those services in exchange for money is considered prostitution whether or not the services are provided. Therefore, a person who solicits prostitution agrees to provide a sexual service for compensation or actually engages in the sexual service, can be charged with a crime.

There must also be an act in furtherance, such as going to a hotel room or around the corner in order to perform the act or handing over the agreed upon fee. For example, if a woman approaches a man in a bar and offers to provide a sexual act for a fee, and the man turns her down, she could be arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution, but not the act of prostitution.

However, if an undercover police officer approached a woman and offered to pay her in exchange for a sexual favor, and the woman agreed to the terms, the police officer and the woman would have to take it to next level by, for example, meeting at an agreed place.

At that point, the officer could arrest her for prostitution, without ever actually receiving the sexual favor. 

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In most jurisdictions, the person offering sexual services is not the only one who can be charged with a crime. The person who pays for the sexual services, sometimes called a “John,” can face charges of solicitation of prostitution. And of course, any middleman involved in the transaction can be charged for pimping or pandering.

The crime of prostitution is not limited to any specific sexual or lewd act, but generally, the service provided must be designed to create sexual arousal, whether or not the recipient actually becomes aroused. However, there must be an agreed upon fee for the act.

An ‘invisible Nigerian lady, believed to be the main organizer behind this ‘syndicate interviews the ‘victims’ before they are allowed to begin their ‘prostituting career’

She is believed to be residing in the United Kingdom or Dubai in a grand life style.

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