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Gifty Anti begs for forgiveness as she mourns Ebony


Ghanaians woke up to the sad news of Dancehall Diva Ebony Reigns who was returning from Sunyani after a visiting her mom who had come down from the UK and got involved in a car accident and died at the Bechem Government Hospital. This has left many Ghanaians thinking about their own mortality and what this life means at all.

Veteran broadcaster Gifty Anti is one person trying to come to the realization of the sudden demise of the dancehall queen.

Oheneyere Gifty Afia Dansoa Anti seems to be tormented by the fact that a very lively artiste Ebony, is now to be found only at the morgue.

Pondering over how life could be this short, Gifty Anti could not fathom how Ebony could be at the morgue and lifeless and stressed on why people backlash others for no reason and basically trying to tear each other down when in the end.

Why do we do these things to each other? So that in the end what? Lydia Forson sums it up beautifully… S3 asa

Well, this morning I came to tell you that I love you very much and appreciate you all.
If I have ever offended any of you, please forgive me ok.
I am sorry. I am only but human… but in everything I do, I mean well. And please don’t take your being alive for granted. It’s not because you are super special. It’s just because God is merciful and His Grace has located you. Hold on to God. He is Faithful.
Have a great weekend.
My Name remains Gifty Afia Dansoa Anti

In an Instagram post, she wrote:

Ei! So Ebony has spent 24hoirs in the morgue?

Wow!!! Hmmmm Life…. So really what is the hassle all about? The hurting each other, being wicked to each other, being jealous and doing everything you can to destroy someone’s happiness, the betrayals, the disappointments…. what’s all that about? The strong desire to destroy someone’s reputation?




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