pri 64929842 - Sobbing suspect gets head stuck in cell bars - VIDEOGOSSIP 

Sobbing suspect gets head stuck in cell bars – VIDEO

A police suspect burst into tears after getting his head stuck between the bars of his cell.

The man was filmed with his head stuck between two bars of a cell in a police station in China, at first angrily shouting at the officers trying to help him. Two officers try to haul the bars apart far enough for the man to free himself but he still cannot pull out his head.

At one point the suspect breaks down in tears in the footage, shot in an unnamed Chinese city. When an officer tries to help by pushing his head back between the bars as they are pulled apart, the man shouts: ‘Don’t push, it hurts!’

He also rages angrily at cops, with his head still stuck between the metal rods, saying he is innocent and being held unfairly. At one point during the footage he calls the officers names, though they do not react to the taunts. As the clip ends, the suspect is having his head forced back through the bars and is obviously in some pain.

Chinese media reported that the attempts to free his head from between the bars were eventually successful. It was not reported whether the man was injured during the procedure. His name and age were not released, and it is not known why he was being held by police, or what stage his prosecution is at.


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