Screenshot 1 4 - Strange Baby With Blue Eyes Sends Internet Into Frenzy [photos]GOSSIP 

Strange Baby With Blue Eyes Sends Internet Into Frenzy [photos]

The two-year-old baby girl is pictured with her eyes all blue, contrary to the normal eye colour known in this part of the world. The girl’s bluish eyes are believed to have stemmed from a rare condition called Waardenberg Syndrome (WS).

The photo of her strange eyes have since gone viral, with Ghanaian social media users totally surprised by the bluish nature of her eyes. Whiles some have attributed it to witchcraft, others also believed a curse is behind it. Studies say Wardenburg Syndromes (WS), is a deficiency that can be inherited from parents.

It goes on to suggest that this sort of deficiency is a very rare and happens once in every 42,000 births. A philanthropist, Afi Antonio, who first discovered the girl said she often attracts attention whenever she steps out due to her blue eyes.

Screenshot 1 3 - Strange Baby With Blue Eyes Sends Internet Into Frenzy [photos]

“She attracts a lot of attention for both negative and positive reasons but the negative outweighs the positives. Some kids call her a doll because of her eyes and she would normally shy away due to the attention,” Afi said.

She, therefore, appealed to the general public to help her raise funds in order to secure treatment for the sick girl.


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