Wisconsin Fugitive Joseph Jakubowski, Who Mailed Manifesto to Trump, Is Captured

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, Joseph A. Jakubowski is accused of robbing a gun shop in Wisconsin. He then sent a 161-page manifesto to Donald Trump, police say.
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The Wisconsin fugitive accused of stealing more than a dozen firearms and mailing a conspiracy-laced manifesto to President Donald Trump was captured early Friday 14th April 2017 following a 10-day manhunt, police said.

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, was captured at a farm in southern Wisconsin after police responded to a report of a suspicious person, according to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office. A man found at the property on Thursday night appeared to match the description of Jakubowski, who apparently had been camping at the site and refused to leave when asked by someone earlier, police said.

Authorities set up a perimeter around the area and finally made contact with the suspect before 6 a.m. CT (7 a.m. ET). He was taken into custody and positively identified as Jakubowski.

A news conference with authorities in Rock County, where he was wanted, was planned for later Friday with more information.

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Jakubowski is wanted for allegedly stealing 18 firearms and two suppressors from the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 4 and mailing a 161-page manifesto to Trump.

A portion of the document that authorities believe Jakubowski wrote says he was not afraid of his own death and that if he were to die, he wants it to be at the hands of the president on live TV.

His writings were obtained by NBC affiliate WTMJ, but not independently verified by NBC News. In parts of the incomplete document— the handwritten portion starts at page 93 and every other page is missing — Jakubowski allegedly rants about a system of greed that he says dooms the populace to slavery and has destroyed his dreams.

The document doesn’t say exactly what action the author will take: While it at one point the author calls police and the military terrorists, the author also says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone unless forced to do so.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore said at a news conference Thursday that Jakubowski had “concerns” with Trump in the manifesto.

“I mean it was mailed to President Trump, although there is not a specific threat, but beyond that there is nobody named in the document,” he said.

Police said they wanted to find Jakubowski over fears he may be planning an attack of some kind.

In a video posted online purportedly showing Jakubowski mailing his document to Trump, he says: “Revolution. It’s time for change.” His burned out vehicle was found a short time later.

Security at some churches and government offices was increased as the manhunt went on, and the FBI was offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to his capture.


728X90 - Wisconsin Fugitive Joseph Jakubowski, Who Mailed Manifesto to Trump, Is Captured

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